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David Pawson was widely regarded as one of the finest Bible teachers of our generation. This is a collection of tributes from around the world of David’s friends. It contains personal stories of their friendships with David as well as how David’s teaching ministry had impacted them and others in the churches in their countries. In these tributes, we see different aspects of David that are not as well known but that have endeared him to his friends.


What they say about David Pawson:


His life and ministry were well lived and stand as an outstanding example in our day when such things are rare. Along with thousands of others, I thank the Lord for having known David and for the seeds of biblical truth he sowed into my life Peter Tsukahira


A gentle and generous spiritual giant


Dr. Daniel Ho


I consider him to be one of the finest teachers of the Word of God in our generation Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong


We celebrate his Bible teaching and many OM leaders and others listened way back when they were on tapes that went around the world. The greatest thing I celebrate is that he persevered through many difficulties and challenges


ONLY heaven will tell the story


George Verwer


He avoids religious and theological jargon and understates his sharp intellect and scholarship he is only intent on communicating biblical truth and glorifying Christ, not himself his teaching style is gentle yet uncompromising You are welcome to challenge him, but make sure you have studied all the scripture on


the subject before you do Justice Dr Philip Pillai


Whether the angels in heaven will be ready for such a man, I don’t know. I can’t imagine they would have met too many people as passionate about truth as David nor as gifted in communicating it


Dr lan Stackhouse


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